Jenny knew what it was to have a life. She ran her own business. She had family and friends. She also had a meth addiction. She thought she covered it well. Since she was her own boss, there was no one to notice if she was late to work. Being the only supervisor though, and high most of the time, there was also no one to notice when one of her employees embezzled thousands of dollars. People told her she looked great. They didn’t know that the weight she had dropped and the new found energy were the result of the meth.

But her family noticed. Her daughters would ask where she was going, and she would snap back that she was going to hell. She wasn’t far off…she was going to cook meth. Finally, her family had her committed, and the bottom dropped out when the Sheriff came into her business and took her to Detox. She stayed there for 3 days without saying a word, and when she finally did speak, it was to curse the staff. On the fifth day she went before the judge who wanted her to go to Residential, but would agree to Intensive Outpatient.

There were a lot of things to work out. She felt shame about her drug use, and her treatment of her daughters. She was in a relationship she referred to as poison. Her business was in jeopardy. She says the addiction to meth had her at ‘a cellular level’. Nothing else mattered.

At Prelude she found a sympathetic ear, and a counselor she says, ‘knew where she came from.” There was no judgement, and nothing but compassion, and a lot of work, ahead, but with some help she could start to remember what it was to have a life again, and worked with that knowledge as a goal.

Now off meth for 3 years, Jenny is starting to rebuild her business. She knows her relationships with her kids have suffered, and is still working on feeling like a mother again. She is still attending aftercare, because she feels it centers her. She is aware that there is always a risk of relapse, but the knowledge of her thought processes around drug use have changed enough that just recognizing the risk is an achievement. She now knows that she has a place to help at Prelude. She knows she will always be welcome, and we are there as long as she needs us.

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