Ken dodged a bullet. Almost literally. A high speed car chase ended in a standoff. On the run from drug charges, he found himself surrounded by police with guns drawn. It was like something out of a movie; only at that point, a Hollywood ending didn’t seem possible. The best he could hope for was a peaceful conclusion.

That’s when things started to get better, although it would take a while before Ken would see it that way. Ken was arrested without gunfire, and court ordered to Prelude. He didn’t see then how tragically it could have ended, nor did he really buy into the treatment idea. Still, he thought, it’s better than jail, and it might make the sentencing judge go easier on him. He came to Prelude’s Residential in body, but in spirit he was biding his time.

Visiting time was Saturday afternoon, and he always looked forward to it—it was a break from groups and he got to see his 5 year old daughter. One of her first questions was always “When are you coming home?” He didn’t really know, and he told her as much. He had promised himself that he would never lie to her. One Saturday she asked him why he was staying there. It wasn’t jail. That was easy to understand and he could always proclaim his innocence. It was like a hospital, but his illness would be a lot harder for her to understand than a broken leg or heart attack. Despite his promise, he didn’t know how to tell her the truth.

It was then he decided that maybe he should start seriously considering his recovery. Ken completed Prelude’s residential treatment program and started re-building his life in our Halfway House. Once he was on his own, not only did he visit his probation officer on a weekly basis, he found himself at aftercare groups. Not because he had to. He did it because recovery was hard work, and he needed, and welcomed, the support.

Today, three years later, he is sober and working. He was recently enrolled in a management training program at his job and is looking at moving his way up. He knows that life doesn’t always have happy endings or tidy conclusions, but now he sees his life just as life, not a tragedy in the works. Most importantly, he’s becoming the truthful father he always wanted to be, and someone his daughter can depend on. For us, he’s proof that treatment works. He is a reason for hope.

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