What makes a person initiate a change in their life? Does it come from within? Of course. Are there external motivators? Absolutely. In Matt’s case, change was motivated from both places.

Matt had been drinking for almost half his life. In fifteen years, he hadn’t had more than two days sober. Yet, he maintained a sense of normalcy: he held a job, met a girl, got married, and they had a baby. It was after the baby came that he began to see his strongest external motivator—his family. His wife asked him to come to Prelude for an evaluation. His internal motivation got him in the door. His reasons to change were all around him, and he knew it was time.

Matt came to Residential and did well. He went on to our Halfway House and then Transitional Housing programs. With more freedom came challenges. He had a relapse, but chose to refocus and returned to treatment. Prelude welcomed him back and helped him move on from his temporary setback and regain his momentum.

After fifteen years, today Matt is sober and knows his reasons for staying that way are good ones. He strives to be the best husband and father he can be, and with a second baby on the way, has a renewed sense of excitement about being a good Dad. Before treatment, Matt felt like he had a million reasons and motivations to drink. Now he realizes the only truly important motivation—his family– is the best reason to stay sober.

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