Our Promise to You

Your Journey. Our Promise.

We promise to provide you a safe place that promotes healing. We promise to treat you with dignity and respect. We promise to help you find your own solutions and achieve your goals. We promise to be with you throughout your journey.

At Prelude Behavioral Services, everything we do is inspired and guided by our mission, vision and values. These principals are the foundation of the beliefs and actions of all of our employees every day.

Our Services

Prevention Services

Prevention services include a wide range of evidence-based programs, presentations and training available to schools, parents, coalitions, businesses and communities.

Drug Testing

Drug screening/testing services are provided by Prelude and available for individuals, family members, employers and legal entities such as probation and the Bureau of Prisons.

Problem Gambling

Services include individual, group, family, and financial counseling to address problem gambling.

Family Services

At Prelude Behavioral Services, our clinical staff can help answer your questions, address your concerns, and explore your options. We’re here to help you help those you care about.

Substance Abuse

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive approach utilizing evidence-based treatment to meet the needs of the individuals, families and our communities.

Bernie Lorenz Recovery

Bernie Lorenz Recovery offers a home-like, substance-free living environment for women who have completed primary treatment and are preparing themselves to live independent, successful lives, free of substance use.

OWI 12 Hour Course

The OWI 12 hour course provides information and support to assist people in exploring new beliefs and changing behaviors.

Transitional Housing

Combining substance abuse treatment and housing for families with children means a chance for a family to live in safe, affordable, drug-free housing with ready access to ongoing treatment and support.

Synchrony – Mental Health

Synchrony, a program of Prelude, provides individualized mental health care for individuals and families and employee assistance program (EAP) services for area businesses.