I Was Someone... I Love Someone... I Hurt Someone...

We all have been affected by addiction in some way. Whether it is a coworker, a spouse, a child, a friend, a parent or even ourself – we each have a story to tell. When we speak out and share our experiences with alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health, we shed the stigma that’s preventing people suffering with addiction from coming out, having a conversation and, perhaps most importantly, seeking treatment.

Share Your Story

The Prelude Share Your Story Project is chronicling all of those who are affected by addiction. Every piece of dialogue we collect through events, mailings and online engagement will be anonymous. We request your name, address and email address only to update you on Prelude news and events.

Feel free to leave an anonymous submission. While we would love to know your name, we also understand delicate circumstances. We can’t wait to hear your story.

What is Your Story?

We encourage you to join our conversation by telling us about how you have been impacted by addition.

Derek H.

Musician / Father / Husband / Brother

“For years, my brother has struggled with substance abuse. I watched as his addiction poisoned everyone around him and everything he loved…but he is still my brother, I love him and he desperately needs help.”