Prelude is committed to bringing the best of care out into our communities by providing satellite offices in Washington, Iowa and Cedar counties.

As a leader in behavioral health, Prelude draws clients from across the State of Iowa. Our regional offices located in Iowa City and Des Moines offer a full continuum of care for substance abuse and problem gambling along with mental health and prevention services. Our facilities are conveniently located on city bus routes for easy access.

Central Iowa Region

Outpatient Treatment & Problem Gambling Programs

3451 Easton Blvd
Des Moines, Iowa  50317
Phone: (515) 262-0349

Residential and Half-Way Treatment Programs

3806 Easton Blvd
Des Moines, Iowa  50317
Phone: (515) 262-0349

Women’s Half-Way Treatment Program

Bernie Lorenz Recovery
4014 Kingman Blvd
Des Moines, Iowa 50311
Phone: (515) 255-3373

Mailing Address:

3451 Easton Blvd,
Des Moines, Iowa 50317
Phone: (515) 262-0349
Fax: (844) 754-3427

Distance Treatment

If you are unable to participate in services at one of our facilities, distance treatment through phone and internet technology is available upon request by phone or email

Eastern Iowa Region

Administrative Services and Prevention Programs

238 Stevens Drive
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
(mail is not delivered to this address)
Phone: (319) 351-4357

Residential, Halfway, and Outpatient Treatment Programs

430 Southgate Ave.
Iowa City, Iowa  52240
Phone: (319) 351-4357

Detoxification/Withdrawal Management and Sobering Services

GuideLink Center
300 Southgate Ave.
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Phone: (319) 688-8000

Employee Assistance Program, Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling Treatment, Training and Educational Programs

438 Southgate Ave
Iowa City, Iowa  52240
Phone: (319) 351-9072

Prevention and Outpatient Programs

Washington County Office
1201 Industrial Park Drive
Washington, Iowa  52353
Phone: (319) 653-7597

Prevention and Outpatient Programs

Cedar County Office
216 West 6th Street
Tipton, Iowa  52772
Phone: (563) 886-3468

Prevention and Outpatient Programs

Iowa County Office
Marengo Bank Building

1101 Court Ave, Suite 10
Marengo, Iowa  52301
Phone: (319) 642-5528

Mailing address:

430 Southgate Ave,
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Phone: (319) 351-4357
Fax: (319) 351-4907